With Microsoft's reveal of the Xbox One it has recieved mostly negative reviews from the gaming community. However, a big title by a popular company could easily change that.

According to a couple of Square Enix employees, the company is checking with Microsoft and seeing how well the new console could support a title long awaited, Kingdom Hearts 3. While Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura, creator of the Kingdom Hearts series, prefer Nintendo and Sony consoles the company is considering making Kingdom Hearts 3 an Xbox One exclusive.

Square Enix employees say the new Kinect is a big part in Nomura's decision. It also appears that the Xbox One will come out before the Playstation 4 which will give Tetsuya Nomura more time to learn about the Xbox One.

We don't know for sure yet if Kingdom Hearts 3 will become an exclusive to the Xbox One but with all of thsi information it seems very likely.